What is required to book a condo?
A $300.00 pre-payment (booking deposit) is required to reserve a condo.  The remaining balance is paid the day of arrival at check-in.

What is the cancellation policy?
Any notice to cancel beyond 5 weeks prior to your arrival date will receive a $235.00 refund.  A notice to cancel received between 5 and 3 weeks will receive a $35.00 refund.  Those who cancel within 3 weeks of the arrival date will forfeit the $300.00 booking deposit.  You cannot cancel within 48 hours of your arrival date.  As of 48 hours prior to the arrival date you are responsible for the entire balance of your reservation.  Our cancellation policy is structured in this fashion, because all of the condos are privately owned and it becomes increasingly less likely that we would be able to rebook the condo as the arrival date approached.

How far are you from the beach? 
The resort is not far from the beach, but the Purple Parrot primarily attracts families and Perdido Key does not have sidewalks along the road.  That being said, I never feel comfortable advertising the resort as within easy walking distance.  The best stretch of beach is about 2 minutes away by car and, though it is not the closest beach, it is definitely the nicest.  I am referring to the National Park area and they have restrooms, showers, picnic tables, a walking trail, and covered pavilions in case anyone gets too much sun.  More importantly, the Park area is the only area on the island with lifeguards.  So, you can see why I recommend the short drive.  The closest beach is the public beach access and is ½ to the park area.

Where do we go to check-in?
Check-in either happens on site at the Purple Parrot or at our office off-site depending on when your reservation is scheduled to begin.  We send an email out every Wednesday to the guests scheduled to arrive in the next 7 days which includes where to check-in, the physical address of the resort and our off-site office as well as helpful travel information.

Check-in's can come to our office which is less than a mile from the resort.  Above our office doors is a sign 12 feet wide that reads "VACATION RENTALS" and has the Perdido Key Resort Management logo on the left-hand side of the sign.  Our office is suite 122 and these numbers are directly above our doors.
The office address is 13700 Perdido Key Drive Suite B122, Perdido Key (Pensacola), FL 32507

What time is check-in?
Check-in is at 4PM.  If you arrive early (after 1130am and before 400pm), we will not turn you away.  You may not be able to get into your condo yet, but we will certainly allow you to enjoy the pools while you wait.  Please let us know if you will be arriving early so that we can have your pool passes, parking passes and check-in paperwork ready for your arrival.

What if I cannot be there before you close the office?
We have people check-in late every week and the process is simple.  It is your responsibility to let us know that you are going to be late.  Call us in the office at 850-492-9999 to let us know and we will walk you through the late-arrival process.  Be sure to have a pen and paper ready to write down the instructions.

Can I bring food and drinks to the outdoor pool?
Generally, no.  You may bring water and kids juice puches/box out to the pool deck, but no other foor or drinks may be on the pool deck unless purchased from the Tiki Bar and Grill when open.  At no time is glass allowed onto the pool deck, in the pools or in the hot tub.  Leave all glassware in the condos.

Does the Purple Parrot have a bar on-site?
Yes. The resort has a Tiki Bar and Grill on site.
PLEASE NOTE: The rental office has no control over the hours of operation, days or times of the year in which the Bar/Grill is open.  The Vacation Rental Condos are managed by Perdido Key Resort Management, the Bar is not.  No Refunds or Rent Reductions will be available due to the Bar/Grill being closed.

When do we have to be checked-out?
Check-out is promptly at 10AM.  This means that we need to have everything (pool passes, pool keys and condo keys) back in our office by 10AM.  No exceptions unless authorized by our office at least 48 hours in advance.  Our housekeeping schedule is distributed days in advance so we know how to staff for our departures.  Guests who are not checked-out with the office by 10AM may be charged as per our rental agreement.  Sorry to be so tough on this one, but we want the folks staying after you to have a good experience as well and it takes time to get these condos cleaned up properly - especially the 2-story two and three bedroom condos.

What do we do to check-out?
Bring everything issued at check-in back to our office.  The passes and keys belong to the condo owner not the rental office.  Consequently, they have a replacement value of $10 per pass and $25 per key.  It is important that they are returned as we issue these same keys and passes to the next guests.  If we are not in the office when you leave, please place the keys and passes in our green drop box to the right of the office doors.

Load and start the dishwasher.
Remove all food, bag all trash & place in the dumpster.
Ensure that all furniture is returned to its original placement.
Leave beds unmade and set the thermostat to 80 degrees.
PLEASE NOTE: Guests which do not adhere to the check-out conditions may be charged for excessive cleaning.  The cleaning fee imposed is not to pick up after you, but rather to sanitize the condo prior to the next guest's arrival.  The housekeeping should expect to launder the linens, sweep, mop, and sanitize bathrooms and kitchens.  Please leave the condo in the condition you found it in upon arrival.

How many cars can we have?
You may have up to 2 cars on property per condo reserved.  All other vehicles will have to park outside of the resort gates.

How many people can be in the condo?
Including all adults and children (regardless of age).
One bedroom condos can have up to four (4) people.
One bedroom with loft condos can have up to four (4) people.
Two bedroom condos can have up to six (6) people.
Two bedroom suite condos can have up to six (6) people.
Three bedroom condos can have up to eight (8) people.

How old do I need to be to rent a condo?
You must be 25 to rent a condo - no exceptions.

Can I smoke in the condo?
No.  If you're a smoker you must go outside, have all doors and windows closed so that the smoke cannot get into the condo and be sure not to bring the lingering smell back into the condo.  Evidence of smoking in the condo will result in additional charges.  If we smell smoke in the condo upon check-out, we will charge you to have the condo fumigated.

Can we bring out pet(s)?
No.  The resort has a strict no-pet policy for renters.

Are there any nearby Pensacola Hotels?
No, and you should read our page about why renting at the Purple Parrot is better than staying in a hotel room.  Click here to read more

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